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How To Get Real Estate Marketing Right After COVID-19

With the global economy picking up, the real estate industry is showing clear signs of a revival. Now, commercial and residential realtors must aggressively send the message across on social media platforms that they are open for business. This is the time to set yourself apart from the competition by promoting your agency online!

The pandemic brought in novel ways for realtors and brokers to reach out to prospects, albeit in a safe and effective manner. Our future strategies must take into account these new approaches and imbibe those with potential.

Real estate marketing might seem like a tricky business, especially in the competitive real estate market. By attending the top real estate events of 2022, you will get a bird’s-eye view of marketing tactics that can help generate traction in this new era.

We asked some of our Realty 2.0 Conference’s speakers for their success secrets and they gave us a lot of valuable insights! Here are a few things you can try to promote your real estate business online:

Conduct virtual house tours

Ever since the pandemic, virtual property tours on social media platforms have become all the rage. It is a quick and extremely effective way to generate interest around residential properties as prospects can explore houses without stepping out of their homes. It also saves realtors a lot of time as they can present the homes to multiple prospects around the world at the same time!

Build online groups

Maintaining online communities of buyers and sellers can be draining, especially the part where you need to come up with fresh content! Not to worry; we have a few suggestions for you:

  • Invite well-known realtors and brokers to answer questions your followers may have.
  • Exciting contests and giveaways always attract views!
  • Request your previous clients for testimonials you can post across social media platforms.
  • Share original blogs on relevant topics, such as house staging tips, negotiation tactics, locally relevant real estate updates, and so on.
Upload stylish property photos

When it comes to real estate, pictures do really speak a thousand words! Make it a priority to upload high-resolution property photos to get people interested. Not only do they get more likes and comments, but people are more likely to contact you if the property pictures look aesthetically pleasing.

Offer 3D walkthroughs

Speakers at top real estate events have projected that 3D walkthroughs are here to stay as they give homebuyers the freedom to check out properties as per their leisure.

What we love about 3D walkthroughs is the fact that people can get a more dynamic feel and check out every corner of the property, through a series of taps and clicks. They can also revisit it when it’s time to make the final decision. Another major plus point is that realtors can also reach out to remote buyers and busy investors looking to enter new markets by offering them 3D tours.

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