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A Guide To Real Estate Farming

Real estate farming has recently become an extremely popular buzzword in this day and age. But it is so much more than just a passing trend! This tactic has been harnessed by real estate agents for quite some time to bring in more leads and maintain a loyal base of clients.

But what is it actually? The Realty 2.0 Conference will give you an in-depth view of such lead generation tactics in its upcoming Dubai and Las Vegas editions. Until then, read on to know more about the real estate farming method:

What Is Real Estate Farming?

This is a marketing strategy that involves focusing one’s attention upon a specific demographic or a specific geographic region. By tapping into this, realtors can quickly establish themselves as the authoritative voice on all things real estate in a particular area.

Whether you are a budding professional or a veteran in the real estate space, this is the key to ensuring a steady stream of clients.

How Do You Choose Your “Farm” Area?

For consistent leads, you need to choose your area of operation wisely. Here, many decide to focus on their own neighborhood, which has its own benefits. Firstly, one already knows the market extremely well. Secondly, you also tend to have an idea of the demographics and lastly, it’s extremely convenient! Your own home could double up as your office.

However, there are many other aspects that one should consider when choosing a farm area, such as the availability of amenities, local competition, whether you will actually have enough people to target, and how desirable the neighborhood actually is. Make sure that you take these points into consideration while zeroing in on a neighborhood.

How Do You Draw Clients?

Now that you have finalized your farm area, it’s time to let everyone know that you can help them to buy, sell, and rent properties!

We recommend that you build an online presence and target prospects through hyperlocal targeting. This involves being active on social media platforms and having a location-specific Google My Business profile. You can combine this with neighborhood newsletters and, of course, walking up to your neighbors and informing them about what you do. Be active in neighborhood associations, place signs in your yard, and also put up ads at the nearest grocery store.

Another extremely effective way to enhance brand recall is to share real estate advice and market news in local papers. To learn from the success secrets of real estate experts who have built their businesses on this strategy, do attend upcoming real estate events and conferences that focus on this subject.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, real estate farming demands that you bring the personal touch back to the property buying and selling process. Start small and tweak your strategy as per the response you get.

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