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  • A Guide To Real Estate Farming

    Posted on : September 15, 2021

    Real estate farming has recently become an extremely popular buzzword in this day and age. But it is so much more than just a passing trend! This tactic has been harnessed by real estate agents for quite some time to bring in more leads and maintain a loyal base of clients.

    But what is it actually? The Read More

  • How To Get Real Estate Marketing Right After COVID-19

    Posted on : September 09, 2021

    With the global economy picking up, the real estate industry is showing clear signs of a revival. Now, commercial and residential realtors must aggressively send the message across on social media platforms that they are open for business. This is the time to set yourself apart from the competition by promoting your agency online!

    The p. Read More

  • 3 Major Challenges Faced By Construction Professionals

    Posted on : September 06, 2021

    After a particularly slow year, the residential & commercial construction industry is definitely looking up. Whether you are a one-person army or the owner of a major construction firm, it is a good time to be in construction.

    While many on-site projects were prematurely halted due to coronavirus’ onslaught in 2020, a few builders a. Read More