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What You Need To Know About Our 2022 USA Edition

The Realty 2.0 Conference’s USA edition brings to you three jam-packed days of learning and high-paced networking! Against the backdrop of the exciting city of Las Vegas, the conference will review and dig into crucial subjects, highlight the most significant industry challenges and their potential solutions, as well as unveil actionable insights that you can use to fuel your business and real estate investments.

As one of the top real estate events in Las Vegas, the conference has a lot to offer to professionals from across specialties of the property industry. 300+ realtors, real estate investors, builders, construction professionals, architects, property managers, policymakers, and interior designers are expected to attend the event.

So, what’s in store for you at our upcoming real estate conference? Read on to learn more:

Join forces with industry bigshots

To ensure that your career or business takes off fast, it is essential to continually meet with the right people and grow your existing network. However, because of restrictions that were imposed during the pandemic, it became difficult for realtors and construction professionals to reach out to prospects or learn about market shifts from their peers. However, all of this is set to change with our USA edition.

As a delegate, you will get to meet the who’s who of the property industry. Our high-powered networking sessions are specially designed to promote knowledge sharing, and if you are lucky, you may end up closing deals, finding new clients, and forming new partnerships!

Fresh information to power your business

It has been a difficult year for realtors and construction specialists. As noticed by the Realty 2.0 Conference, real estate scams, fake property listings, and similar fraudulent practices are on the rise, all of which have significantly impacted investors and real estate firms.

Keeping the concerns of the community in mind, numerous keynotes and panel discussions will spotlight such emerging problems and also draw from the lessons learned from the economic downturn of 2020. But that’s not all.

We have a long list of star speakers who will talk about the trends and developments in the real estate and construction industries. From discussing promising PropTech, sustainability trends, the rental market boom to drawing attention to lucrative emerging investment opportunities, it will give you a crash course on everything that’s new in your field.

Hands-on demos

Want to check out new tools and systems that can simplify your real estate, property management, or construction operations? Our upcoming real estate event in the USA in 2022 is where you need to be. Here, you will be able to visit scores of exhibit booths put together by top firms and innovators who will be displaying their products and services. If you are an investor, make sure that you attend our start-up pitching sessions, where the chosen few will unveil their breakthrough ideas.

If you are looking to upgrade your business by embracing new technologies, come, experience the brilliance of innovation at the Realty 2.0 Conference.

Connect with vendors & suppliers

Having skilled, responsive vendors by your side is the key to success, especially in the competitive commercial and residential construction market. To make it big, it is important that you connect with people who can offer you the materials, resources, and services you need to provide the best possible experiences to your clients.

Numerous suppliers and vendors from across regions will be making their presence felt at the Realty 2.0 Conference. So, if business expansion and getting better vendor discounts are on your 2022 agenda, we can help you meet these goals.

Ready to meet with luminaries in the property world in person? See you at the Realty 2.0 Conference’s USA edition!


As a valuable team member, Anurag ensures that delegates have a memorable time when they attend the Realty 2.0 Conference! The three-day event offers you the opportunity to learn about what’s new in the realms of commercial and residential real estate, property investments, leasing, and more. The conference will also highlight valuable tips on how to stay safe from real estate scams and fraudulent, fake schemes in this day and age.