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Interior Design Trends That Caught Our Eye

A new year brings with it hope, joy, and of course, brand new home design trends that will keep interior designers busy! If 2021 was about minimalist design, 2022 will focus more on self-expression and walls bathed in hues of calming blues and greens. We asked a few experts at real estate events in Las Vegas for predictions regarding the trends that will rule in the coming year. Here’s a quick look at their projections:

  • Back to the seventies

The year of the tiger will pay a loving homage to the glamorous, retro home sprucing styles of the seventies with grace and sophistication. We are talking about burnt oranges, moss greens, neutral colors, and vintage couches that can really elevate your space. Now is the time to take your annual antique store visit or run down to the local fair for interesting furniture pieces to glam up homes.

  • Green rules

2022 is the year of the color green. Many top paint companies have sworn that it’s going to make a comeback, primarily as the hue reminds one of the lush, lively outdoors. People want to usher in a sense of freshness and bring a piece of nature back with them as they continue to reel under the impact of staying indoors for so long. This means that inquiries for Insta-worthy, well-lit spaces plush with green plants will definitely go up.

  • Bidding farewell to the home office

With most companies asking employees to return to their office workstations, we will see a steep decline in the demand for home office set-ups. Earlier, the home office was a necessity, but now interior design companies are getting fewer requests for the same. With changing needs and evolving working requirements, we will be seeing many people redesign their home offices to transform them into man caves, walk-in closets, guest bedrooms, and even nurseries.

  • Curves are in

Curvy furniture pieces with sensuous silhouettes are a direct answer to the clean, angular designs that clearly ruled in the past few years. Saying adieu to harsh, perfect lines, the interior design world is slowly, but surely developing an affinity for the uneven, unsymmetrical pieces in living rooms and rounded, ornately sculpted edges in the kitchen.

However, as pointed out at post-COVID-19 real estate events, many avant-garde interior designers are walking the extra mile to strike a balance between the two, which is why we have been witnessing plush, comfortable, and curvy couches and sofas decorated with mahogany arms and legs, along with backgrounds steeped in geometrical designs. Rounded kitchen islands, curvaceous and pill-shaped mirrors that create a high style, yet comforting look are also grabbing attention. At the same time, this promising design trend also works wonderfully with another entrant — velvet furniture.

As you can see, design trends are set to change in 2022, and this is just an introduction to them. To get inspired and to update your knowledge regarding trending designs, materials, and styles that have the potential to rock the interior design world, do book your tickets for the Realty 2.0 Conference.


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