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  • Wood Goes High-Tech

    Posted on : January 20, 2022

    In the era of accelerated advanced technological developments, especially after the pandemic, innovative and contemporary materials along with the application of ecological and natural materials has become not only imperative but also an urgent need for reduction of pollution and climate change mitigation. For instance, the use of wood has been t. Read More

  • Steps to Better Construction Schedule Risk Management

    Posted on : January 19, 2022

    Risk is a constant factor when it comes to construction project management since it involves a number of variables, such as unpredictable weather events, supply chain disruption, possible labor shortages combined with unexpected global economic and geopolitical events. As a result of adopting the ad hoc approach towards project risk management (b. Read More

  • What You Need To Know About Our 2022 USA Edition

    Posted on : January 05, 2022

    The Realty 2.0 Conference’s USA edition brings to you three jam-packed days of learning and high-paced networking! Against the backdrop of the exciting city of Las Vegas, the conference will review and dig into crucial subjects, highlight the most significant industry challenges and their . Read More

  • Millennials Lead The Way In The Rental Housing Market

    Posted on : January 04, 2022

    “Should I rent, or should I own a home instead?” This is one of the most common questions individuals ask themselves when deciding to shift to a new location.

    Interestingly, as per recent studies and surveys, for the first time in the history of the United States of America, a huge percentage of the young generation prefers to rent rath. Read More

  • Interior Design Trends That Caught Our Eye

    Posted on : December 28, 2021

    A new year brings with it hope, joy, and of course, brand new home design trends that will keep interior designers busy! If 2021 was about minimalist design, 2022 will focus more on self-expression and walls bathed in hues of calming blues and greens. We asked a few experts at real estate events in Las Vegas for predictions regarding the trends t. Read More