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Date: 20th - 22nd March, 2022
Venue: Intercontinental, Dubai Festival City, UAE

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USA, 22

Date: 6th - 8th April, 2022
Venue: The Mirage, Las Vegas, USA

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About Us

Realty 2.0 Conference is where real estate and construction professionals converge to fuel value creation in emerging markets, establish connections, and get a 360° view of the latest developments in the industry. With unique tracks and carefully-curated sessions, it is designed to equip individuals and brands with the tools and practical know-how on how they can drive strategic business growth and gain momentum in the fast-paced real estate and construction world.

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  • 100+

    Industry Leaders

    Realty 2.0 Conference will bring thought leaders & visionaries under one roof to facilitate the sharing of ideas and to unlock opportunities for growth.

  • 50+

    Remarkable Sessions

    Panel discussions, keynotes, and more that will cover a wide spectrum of topics and challenges faced by industry professionals.

  • 45+

    Notable Speakers

    Discover new selling and buying trends and learn from the very best founders, innovators, & disruptors in the real estate and construction ecosystem.

Attendees At-A-Glance

Who Attends?

One of the most-awaited real estate conferences of 2022, Realty 2.0 Conference will connect decision makers, entrepreneurs, and trendsetters to help them take their business to the next level.

Who Attends


Real estate agents are crucial pillars of the property industry, and it is important for them to stay abreast of local and global market shifts to serve their clients better. Realty 2.0 Conference is one such real estate event wherein they will learn about the current advancements in their fields as well as smart lead conversion tactics - all of which help them to stay ahead of the competition.

Who Attends

Proptech Startups

New-age startups have a plethora of solutions that facilitate enhanced property management and take the hassle out of the home buying and selling process. At the Realty 2.0 Conference, they get the opportunity to showcase their products and services before their target audience and also learn about technologies that have the potential to disrupt the real estate market.

Who Attends


As policymakers grapple with the challenges exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, such as the housing crisis, it is essential for them to brainstorm with thought leaders who have innovative solutions to such serious challenges. By attending a global realtor event such as the Realty 2.0 Conference, they will not only gain critical insights, but will also learn about the ground realities that can guide future policies.

Who Attends

Civil Engineers/Construction Consultants

Realty 2.0 Conference will attract veterans from across the globe who have been instrumental in building smart cities and have worked on a variety of sustainable residential, commercial, industrial, and public projects. Emerging civil engineers & consultants in real estate and construction who wish to expand their horizons and advance in their careers have a lot to look forward to at our premier networking event.

Who Attends


Real estate investing is a challenging arena, to say the least. At Realty 2.0 Conference, we help investors see the big picture, from bringing current buying & selling trends to the forefront, facilitating referrals, discussing mortgage rates, and potential market shifts - all of which will assist them in making sound investment decisions.

Who Attends

Property Developers & Builders

Property developers and builders have the crucial responsibility of turning raw land into livable spaces that not only generate substantial value and provide housing, but also play a critical role in boosting the local economy. At our premier 2022 property conference, we will spotlight some of the most recent innovations in the arena that will give them the edge they seek in the industry.

Who Attends

Construction Companies/Contractors

By making time for our property conference in 2022, construction experts and decision-makers get the opportunity to liaise with potential clients and vendors and take home actionable insights which can help them to build better projects and boost their workflow management capabilities.

Who Attends

Architects & Designers

For architects and designers to continually innovate in their fields of expertise, they have to keep a track of the latest disruptions, trends, and best practices. Realty 2.0 Conference not only takes a deep dive into these facets, but it is also a great space where they can expand their client base and get financially viable ideas.

Who Attends

Material Providers

With the construction industry picking up pace again, construction companies will intensify their efforts to build a long-term inventory of materials and look for local suppliers who prioritize green building. For vendors wishing to make an impact and increase their profit margins, the Realty 2.0 Conference is the ideal platform wherein they can meet with important stakeholders and discuss partnership opportunities.

Who Attends

Property Managers

It is no secret that individuals and firms working in the arena of property management form the backbone of the real estate industry. While helping landlords to maintain their assets, they can also be instrumental in maximizing their profits. Leading property managers will be on Realty 2.0 Conference’s list of attendees, so make sure you leverage this opportunity to connect with them!

Who Attends

Sustainability-Focused Firms

With growing concerns regarding the impact of our construction activities on the environment, it is vital that we look for sustainable design practices to lower this critical industry’s carbon footprint. The Realty 2.0 Conference will serve as a common ground for individuals and brands on the look-out for service providers of environmentally safe building tools, technologies, and materials.

Why Attend Realty 2.0 Conference?

The Realty 2.0 Conference’s USA and Dubai editions bring a sea of possibilities for individuals and brands aspiring to make it big in the realms of real estate and construction.

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Jump into three days of engaging sessions on successful business models, livability-enhancing tech, and strategies that can help you deliver world-class customer experiences.

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Meet, network, and join forces with trendsetters, innovators, and smart entrepreneurs in the property world.

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Be Recognized

Here’s your chance to be honored for your achievements in the real estate and construction industry before eminent leaders, investors, and industry veterans!


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A Quick Preview

Realty 2.0 Conference’s events in the USA and UAE will draw attention to growth acceleration tactics, innovative technologies, and trends that are reshaping the construction and real estate industry. Our goal is to help foster ties between stakeholders and introduce them to perspectives that can help them future-proof their businesses. Check out this exclusive trailer to know what’s in store for you at the three-day event!

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Here’s a quick preview of what’s in store for you at GRECONF Dubai, 2022.


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We take pride in hosting some of the most recognized real estate and construction companies at the first edition of GRECONF.

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Behold the brands that will be exhibiting their ideas at our upcoming edition.

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